happy day :D

Another happy day with room-p friends.

Lunch, timezone, karaoke, sampai doodling.
Kali ini doodling barengnya di 5 buah T-Shirt dengan tema tema "Auk Lul". (?!)
ya mungkin cuman beberapa orang yang tau artinya.. hahaha skip ah.
baiklah, ini foto2nya! :D


thank you friends! :)

from left to right:
- bayuseno - jakikukeko - o7addict - stanzah - bondanrastika - bloodykirka - me - judgess - lalapop - blackcatdead - nadydesign
dan beberapa yang ga bisa ikuuut... i love u all :*


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  3. dela said...

    what a friendship!!
    suddenly miss my high school time! :)

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  5. deekkyy said...

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  7. miuUku said...

    icha... I v all about ur stuff !!

  8. kristiyana shinta said...

    look so fun,, :D
    doing something with friends,,
    like it!

  9. Titus kartika putri said...

    Gambarnya keren2 banget kak! :)


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