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editorial graphic final assignment
45 pages.


DKV.4 Project Corporate Identity
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

TMII corporate identity was based upon TMII own image.
The five calyx on the logogram illustrate the main five indonesian's
archipelago which united by the people's support. This visual representation
is related with the slogan of cultural unity which sticks
to TMII image.


enterance ticket

information boothgondola, train, and others.


A farewell gift for my dearest friends at JWT
(Mbak Wiwid, Mbak Kathy, & Mbak Nina).

This is a print of my digital drawing and
wrapped into a glossy book cover.

Thx for being a nice bestfriends and shared everything
that probably i wouldn't get in another place.
i wish our friendship will last eternally :)

Soul Of Style

Toshiba Notebook TVC - ¨Soul Of Style¨
TVC pertama bersama Toshiba Team pas intern di JWT.
senang skali ide saya bisa terpakai di TVC ini ^_^

and.. dear Dibyo Kusumo we are so proud of you!

dancing with Mr. R

a farewell gift for my boss Juhi Kalia. :)
tonight is her surprise party @tabac.

bajigur cover

Magazine Cover for. bajigur
collaboration with. supakunza. theme : otodidak / atotidak

Gadis pengantar pizza

Helloicha Portfolio Pack

Si gadis pengantar pizza siap beraksi! :)


i try so hard. but it didn't works

ouuu lalapop

a birthday present to my dear friend cempaka

DKV5 Final Project
Ctrl + S Save Your Life

campaign description:
idea is based on our daily problem.

terkadang bisa sedang bekerja, kita sering lupa untuk
menekan tombol 'save' karena alasan 'tanggung' atau 'keasikan'.
Sampai tiba - tiba berbagai hal buruk seperti 'hang' atau 'mati lampu'
terjadi dalam hitungan detik, kita tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa.
Maka itu, kampanye ini adalah sebuah kampanye sederhana untuk
mengingatkan dan membiasakan orang menyimpan data mereka
sesering mungkin, sebelum berbagai hal buruk terjadi.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

watch me first baby!


cursing won't bring your data back.

30 pages

USB Pack.
2 faced.

Sticker Pack.
2 faced.

back with a few instruction.

looks good on mbp.

or your external hardisk.

Paper Bag.

giant usb. hwihi


some additional application.
¨they are your emotion¨

Animation Direct Mail.

burning animation inside screen.
copy: ¨jangan menunggu sampai datamu terbakar¨
animation details soon. :P

disket in t-shirt pocket.


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