Artwork for Collective Typo Art part II with young talented indonesian designer.

"Comic Sans Project"

Children Text Illustration
Just play around with Comic Sans

We against ban comic sans!

Lifebuoy Initiative ad

Lifebuoy initiative ad for Advertising Design assignment.

top to toe scam ad

Johnson & Johnson Top To Toe Scam Ad
newspaper ad, 3 version
"dari kepala... turun kebawah... sampai ke kaki..."

Design Advertising old assignment.
go teamwork! :)



Another midtest assignment.
Subject : Visual Communication Design 5.

Brief : Choose your favorite genre of music , and then create some visual graphic of it into a poster. and CD package (i'll post it soon :D).
I choose indie pop, it's like a dreamy melody for me.
and here my playlist :


Editorial graphics assignment

3 cover layout for my own fake Magazine.
I namend it ¨CURVE¨, -art, illustration, & photography magz

i made nameplate and layout.
Illustration are from ¨H¨ & destructed magzine.


my photography assignment.
technique : stitching
location : dedato, bintaro

actually. i´m not good in photography

my heart: jelly beans

My heart is like a jelly bean.

¨When i was listening to colortone library, it made by fantasy¨

My older submission for fabric magazine.
Gak tau nih, jadi apa ngga, kok ngga ada kabar :D


This is my package graphic final assignment.

Deco Time is cupcake decoration tools for kids, including pan, spatula, and decorating bag. I made a character 3 character to represent the tools, they are: deco, penne, and patula. i hope it works for marketing strategy. Let's cook!

*Work with love, with my dearest mr. heart


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