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happy day :D

Another happy day with room-p friends.

Lunch, timezone, karaoke, sampai doodling.
Kali ini doodling barengnya di 5 buah T-Shirt dengan tema tema "Auk Lul". (?!)
ya mungkin cuman beberapa orang yang tau artinya.. hahaha skip ah.
baiklah, ini foto2nya! :D


thank you friends! :)

from left to right:
- bayuseno - jakikukeko - o7addict - stanzah - bondanrastika - bloodykirka - me - judgess - lalapop - blackcatdead - nadydesign
dan beberapa yang ga bisa ikuuut... i love u all :*


S'avancer : a step forward
oret2 ketika sedang menganggur di kantor :)


supercute drawing by my favorite illustrator bloodykirka
thankyo diela!!! :*


my clumsy hand :|

"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is

listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like

it's heaven on earth."

- Mark Twain -

merci :)

a beautiful birthday gift from my boyfriend,
thankyou bei ^_^


thanks for a nice wallpaper :)

pretty lalapop's room

oh dear final assignment,
mudah2han cepat berakhir :)


between women, cigarette, and conversation.
a typography project with a few friends.
6 hours to deadline, soon in colours

dear you.

hello, i'm icha!

new id, new life, new spirit, and new bf.

wish me luck!


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