Bali Dancer

Bali Dancer.

Submission Artwork for 21 Indonesian Female Artist
me and Diela project, for Kartini Day.

21 Indonesian Female Artist.

21 artworks has already collected from 21 Deviantart Indonesian female artists to celebrating the raising of Indonesian female role in many aspects, such as in humanity, politic social and culture. 21 artworks presented on the day when one of greatest female icon in Indonesia (it's more than pop female icon on tv) was born, who has struggled to fought the female right to take educations at her times. At her time, kartini has always been critical. she criticize the Javanese culture and religion as reason to place female in the kitchen and bed. she wanted that Indonesian female has the same right just like what a men can get especially in education. And here we as an Indonesian female very thankful for what R.A Kartini has fought so at this time we Indonesian female can get proper chances in many fields, even we realize that still a lot of female degradation somewhere between us.. and for that reason Indonesian female should never stop fighting our right!

The female works.

Hey Girls By. Bloodykirka

House wife needs break. by Designani

Kartince by. Imadawwas

Our own way of fighting by. sorceressmyr

The beauty within by. Lalapop

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